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General Atari links

Official Atari website.

Unofficial Atari site. Much better than the one above!

The Atari Historical Society

Great site about the history of Atari.


The best site when it comes to Atari consoles.

Atari Commercials Archive

This site has Atari TV commercials.

MagiC Online

Site with infos for all Magic users.

Atari Avenue

Page of a french Atari collector, who is writing a book about Atari.


Best internet Atari magazine.

Pong Story

The name says it...


Here you can download all issues of STimulus.

Cyber Roach

This site contents cool Atari TV commercials in high quality video.


The Atari International Organisation.

Best site if you want to play to Atari arcade games.

Highwire Development Project

An internet browser in development.

Atari Source

Site about TOS based computers.

Atari BestOf Charts

Here you can vote for best games, demos, ... made on Atari machines.

A Real Toxic Mag Live!

Nice french informations site.

IC When

All events of the computer and video games industry are listed here.

The Atari Times

Another good Atari magazine.

Portail FreeMint

If you have some interest in the MinT kernel (used in MultiTOS), you will love this page.


Nice website containing images of Atari 8 bit stuff (computers and consoles), as well as scans of the french Atari France magazine "L'Atarien".

Very good website where you can find emulators, games and infos for all Atari consoles and the ST.

Atari Explorer

Website about the history of Atari, also hosts the official Atari Historical Society forum.


The only french Atari Lynx website I know of, also features a forum.

Forums Atari de Yaronet

French Atari forums about computers, consoles and programming.

RayXamber Productions

Order various french Atari fanzines on this page.


Website which indexes the latest Atari news.

Great danish website, there you can watch Atari TV commercials from around the world!


Publishers, retailers, etc...

Sunnyvale Computer

French Atari retailer. They sell everything, from the Atari 2600 to the Jaguar.


Another french Atari retailer.


They sell a lot of translated products, Magic for instance.


Publisher and retailer of Lynx and Jaguar games.

Telegames UK

Publisher and retailer of Lynx and Jaguar games, they also have a lot of different consoles and games.

Application Systems Heidelberg

The biggest Atari software publisher.

Czuba Tech

Website of Rodolphe Czuba, creator of the Falcon accelerator cards CT2 and CT60.

Best Electronics

Atari retailer from California.

Atari 2600P

Website dedicated to the handheld Atari 2600!

B & C Computervision

Another american Atari retailer.

Milan computer

Site of the creators of the Milan.

Vintage Fun World An online webshop, where you can find atari games, and much more.


Atari Home Computers (8 bit)


Very ambitious project, for all Doom fans.


Atari 8 bit/Atari 5200 emulator for Windows.

Vjetnam Atari 8 bit Game Archive

Very good site where you can download games.

Atari 8-Bit Computers: Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to your questions shall be here...

Atari est vivant

One of the few french websites dedicated to the Atari 8 bit computers.

Atari Self Test screensaver A Windows screensaver that simulates the old Self Test screen.  


Atari ST

The Little Green Desktop

Reference website on ST emulation.

Site which indexes all french games on Atari ST, with downloads and informations about the people who created them.

Le Site Web de Mr Nours

Excellent ST emulation site. Lots of rare games.

Tik's Atari ST image riot

Another french site dedicated to the ST. Features a PC/ST transfert guide and assembler lessons.

My Crap Site

Another french ST site. Features some cool applications, not only games.

Pacigames/Pacidemo Forum

Excellent forum (not only ST-related), you must visit it!

Atari ST Games

Another french website with ST games.

Excellent website dedicated to Lankhor.

Page web de Freddo

French website containing various stuff : utils, demos, java demos, and an impressive links collection.

Trucs et astuces pour votre Atari

Hints and tips for various Atari ST games.

Site de LST/Laserforce

Among other things, you will find the complete collection of ST Mag disks here.


Excellent site about ST demos.

Site de Davpar

French website with games downloads. Not updated for some time now, but links seem OK.


Excellent site with music and docs compilations.

Page web de Leonard/Oxygene

Webpage of the ST-sound creator and one of the SainT coders.


Official french demomakers website.

Atari ST Applications Center

Lots of stuff on this site : games, apps, TOS roms, emulators.


Cool ST-Falcon website from a guy in Argentina.


Official D-Bug website.

MJJ Prod.

Website of the demomakers MJJ Prod. Features all their productions and a forum.

The Medway Boys

Site made by a fan of the Medway Boys.


Supremacy website!

Ripped Off Menu CDs

Website with a lot of demo compilations.

Some of their games are available for download (Defender of the crown for example).


Official website of the excellent ST emulator.


Homepage of STeem, the best ST emulator.


Emulating a Gameboy on a ST? Yes, you can!

Forgotten Worlds

Site about various adventure games, with ST versions to download.


Nice program which emulates ST and Amiga music.

The ST Graveyard

Lots of ST games reviews are on this site.

Matt's Atari Shack

You will find here various links to shareware and freeware ST and Falcon games.

Pacidemo Area

You you're looking for demos working with emulator, check this site.

Marijuana Mail

Atari ST email client.


Official Impact webpage.

Matthias Pompey Pirates Page

Page with a lot of Pompey Pirates menus.


Homepage of the swedish crew Sync.


Homepage of The Syrius Cybernetics Corporation.

Thalion Software Webshrine

Site about the famous software publisher Thalion.


Homepage of the demo group Next.

Site de Jess Lysen

Homepage of Jess from the Overlanders.

Massacre Dans La 520ème Dimension

Page dedicated to the ST game Massacre...

ST Scene Genealogy

Lots of info about Atari ST crews.


Many rare game compilations available here.

Here you will find Automation, FOF, etc... menus.


Homepage of a nice disk conversion program.

Delta Force

Homepage of the demo crew Delta Force.

Atari ST Zone

Excellent site with games (Stardust for example) and Sewer Soft doc disks.

Tim's Atari MIDI World

Best Atari MIDI page!


Nice polish ST site, but a bit slow...

ST Alive

New website by MJJ Prod, with a lot of ST musics in various formats.

Deus Ex Atari

Site with ST games, demos, diskmags, Atari TV commercials and various other documents.

The Orphaned Projects

This page regroups applications that are no longer developped/supported by their original authors, with sources available for download.

Fuzion website

Mr Nours just created this great page dedicated to Fuzion, the french CD crew. With downloads and other great stuff!

The Pixel Boys

Official website of the coders of Loader Construction Kit. This program is available for download on their page, as well as various demos.

Zogging Hell

This website is not only ST-related, but has a lot of magazines coverdisks available for download.

ST Relics

New website with lots of games compilations available (mainly Automation).


Climatics site is back online! Note the website is not completed yet, and downloads not available.

Dungeon Master au Chêne Gauche

Nice Dungeon Master page, with hints and maps.

The Coolest Paradise

Webpage of a new Atari ST demomakers group.


New french ST-emulation related site.

Alone in the Past

The new Blood's site, about abandonware, ST/Amiga emulation, and interresting info about the game Captain Blood.

Fate, Gates of Dawn

Page dedicated to this great role-playing-game, it is also one of the only places where you can download the english version of the game.

MSA Converter

Great disk-image util!


Very rare programs are available on this page. Worth the visit!

Gods Country

Excellent tribute page to the Bitmap Brothers.


Atari ST emulator for PocketPC!

Missing Atari ST games

ST games site indexing hard to find games, downloads of rare games are also available!

Zik Atari!

Great Atari ST music site.

Oldskool Flash Megademo A flash demo, inspired by the most famous ST demos.  
Why not free? Nice site with ST games remakes for PC.



Dead Hackers Society

Great site by the Falcon demo crew! Lots of infos about ST and Falcon scene.

Reservoir Gods

Reservoir Gods website, with their games available for download.

A few Falcon programs are available here.

New Beat

Website of the creators of Flextrax, Ace and Willie's Adventures.


The excellent Falcon030 MP3 player!

Site de P. Mandin

Site of the author of the TOS conversions of Doom, Heretic, Hexen and Quake.


Official Nethack site. It's a big RPG, totally free. Works on ST too, but looks much better on Falcon.


Falcon emulator (in progress).

Pinball Dreams

Download the Falcon version of this famous pinball game here.




Some french programmers are preparing a tennis game on Jaguar!

The Battlesphere Homepage

Official Battlesphere site.


Homepage of a Jaguar emulator (doesn't work with commercial games).


Excellent Jaguar site. Hosts Jagu-Sound, the Jaguar sound and music archive.

Ironfist Corp.

Site for Iron Soldier fans.

The Jaguar Top 50

Best scores on many Jaguar games.

Jaguar Interactive II

Great Jaguar site.

Project Tempest

The first Jaguar emulator that works with commercial games!

Jaguar Connexion

Excellent french Jaguar site!


FTP links

Lots of applications are available here.

Here you will find lots of music files.

Various games compilations are here.


Great ftp server from Troed/ICS, with many rarities.