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Text adventure games

ATARIforce Inform disk 01: Beat the devil, Heroine's mantle, Kook U.

ATARIforce Inform disk 02: The awakening, Not just an ordinary ballerina, Shade.

ATARIforce Inform disk 03: Jack or better to murder/aces to win, A day for soft food, Varicella.

ATARIforce Inform disk 04: The mulldoon legacy, The ice princess, Rameses

ATARIforce Inform disk 05: Guard duty, Last days of doom, Reverberations.

ATARIforce Inform disk 06: Human ressources stories, Time, Windhall Chronicles vol I: The path to fortune.

ATARIforce Inform disk 07: Jewel, Local asynchronous satellite hookup, The fable.

ATARIforce Inform disk 08: Augmented fourth, Heist.

ATARIforce Inform disk 09: Enlightenment, Jigsaw, So far.

ATARIforce Inform disk 10: Blow job drifter, Galatea, Pytho's mask.

ATARIforce Inform disk 11: Coke is it!, Curses, Sins against Mimesis, Spiritwak.

ATARIforce Inform disk 12: Guess the verb!, Life on Gue Street, Christminster, Inform School.

ATARIforce Inform disk 13: Chicks dig jerks, Masquerade, Spider and web, Zork: a troll's eye view.

ATARIforce Inform disk 14: Aisle, Delusions, Textfire Golf, Mother Loose.

ATARIforce Inform disk 15: Photopia, Sangraal, School Days, Winter Wonderland.

ATARIforce Inform disk 16: Chico and I Ran, Photopia, Rans, Theatre.

ATARIforce Inform disk 17: I-0, Metamorphoses, Muse: An Autumn Romance, Robots, Return to Doom.

ATARIforce Inform disk 18: Pick up the phone booth and die, Degeneracy, Return to Karn, The Meteor The Stone and A Long Glass of Sherbet, Tryst of Fate.

ATARIforce Inform disk 19: Pick up the phone booth and die II, Calliope, Gumshoe, Informatory, The X-Child, Detective.

ATARIforce Inform disk 20: Ad Verbum, Biscuit, Fyleet, Punkpnts, Purple, The Space Under the Window.

ATARIforce Inform disk 21: Countdown to Doom, Deephome, Silence of the Lambs, A New Day, Not Just A Game, Pick Up The Phone Booth And Aisle.

ATARIforce Inform disk 22: Wearing the Claw, The Cove, Death to my Enemies, Where Devil Dwells, All Quiet on the Library Front, The Lost Spellmaker.

ATARIforce Inform disk 23: Caverns of Chaos, Hunter In Darkness, Lists and Lists, Outsided, Ribbons, The Ritual of Purification, zRogue.

ATARIforce Inform disk 24: Detective, The Djinni Chronicles, Detective (alt. release), Not Made With Hands, Piece of Mind, Softporn Adventure, Downtown Tokyo.

ATARIforce Inform disk 25: Adventure, Limp, Lomalow, Music Education, Mercy, The Hunt for Relief, Shrapnel, Thorfinn's Realm.

ATARIforce Inform disk 26: A Breath of Fresh Air, BSE, For A Change, Competition 96, Crobe, Revenger, Midpoints, Pentari, Samegame.

ATARIforce Inform disk 27: The Night of the Vampire Bunnies, Busted, The Gerbil Riot of '67, Lurk. Unite. Die. Invent. Think. Expire., Only After Dark, Paranoia, Ralph, The Incredible Erotic Adventures of Stiffy Makane, Downtown Tokyo.

ATARIforce Inform disk 28: Annoyotron, Danger! Adventurer at Work!, Balances, Cheater, The Zuni Doll, The Magic Toy Shop, Night at the Computer Center, Nine Points, Offensive Probing, Spodgeville Murphy and the Jewelled Eye of Wossname.

ATARIforce Inform disk 29: Pass the Banana, Bedlam, Déjà Vu, It's a Dog's Life, Inhumane, The Mind Electric, Perilous Magic, Phlegm, Research Dig, Samhain, The Adventure, In the Spotlight.

ATARIforce Inform disk 30: The Acorn Court, A Week in the Life, CIA Adventure, Fifteen, Looking for Godot, Killing the Doctor, Odieus' Quest for the Magic Flingshot, Total Paddling Mania, Paper Chase, Slacker X, Beneath the Sycamora Tree, The Underoos That Ate New York, The Visitor.

ATARIforce Inform disk 31: Adventureland, Welcome to Hell, Life or Death, Quest for the Magic Healing Plant, Mini Zork, Reverzi, Claustrophobia, Tube Trouble, Vindaloo.

Scott Adams Adventures disk: Adventureland, Buckaroo Banzai, The Count, Mystery Funhouse, Ghost Town, The Golden Voyage, The Hulk, Strange Odyssey, Pirate Adventure, Pyramid of Doom, Return to Pirate Isle, Savage Island Part I, Savage Island Part II, Secret Mission, Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle, Spiderman, Voodoo Castle.

Brian Howarth's Mysterious Adventures disk: The Golden Baton, The Time Machine, Arrow of Death Part I, Arrow of Death Part II, Escape from Pulsar 7, Circus, Feasability Experiment, The Wizard of Aryz, Perseus and Andromeda, Ten Little Indians, Waxworks.


CIA Adventure


Space Station

Wizard' Castle